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Helpful information to safer intercourse for trans ladies. Simple tips to handle dangers and continue maintaining good sexual wellness.

Trans ladies, when it comes to purposes with this guide, means anybody who was labelled male once they were created, but whom identifies as feminine some or all the time, or non-binary.

Secure sex for trans females means recognising that trans ladies might have lovers each and every sex and a number of human anatomy kinds. Your intimate choices can sometimes include being fully a receptive and/or penetrative partner in anal, dental or sex that is vaginal.

If you have had reduced surgery or otherwise not, the way that is best to safeguard your self along with your partner against intimately sent infections (STIs) and HIV would be to:

  • make use of condom (external or internal) for vaginal or anal intercourse
  • make use of water-based lube with your condom
  • make use of a condom or dental dam (a latex square put throughout the genitals or anal area) for dental intercourse. (more…)