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Sometimes, we procrastinate because we feel stuck on a particular essay or portion of an essay.

  • Switch off the screen. Type with a dark screen, and that means you can’t see what you’ve written, decide you don’t it immediately like it, and delete. Sometimes procrastination comes from insecurity in what to express, or whether we have almost anything to say. The thing that is important in that case, is to get started and KEEP WORKING. Turning from the screen may help lessen your fear and turn fully off your internal critic. It back on (or print out what you’ve written), you may find that you do have something to say, after all when you turn.
  • Write about writing. Take 15 minutes and write a letter to yourself about why you don’t wish to write this. This enables you to vent your frustrations and anxieties. Then, Take fifteen minutes and talk about everything you could do to get unstuck. It is possible to try currently talking about what you’re going to write, making an assessment that is initial of assignment. You won’t have the stress of writing an actually draft, you will be able to get something down in writing.
  • Write the easiest part first. You don’t have to start out in the beginning. Whatever section can be done, do so! If you think that’s wimpy, and you also would rather perform some hardest part first in order to obtain it out of the way, that’s fine—whatever works for you. In the event that you start writing and you obtain stuck, write about why you’re stuck.
  • Talk it out. Try tape-recording yourself speaking the ideas you need to use in the paper, and then transcribe the tape.
  • Make yourself accountable

    Set a writing deadline (other than the paper’s due date) for yourself by making a scheduled appointment at the Writing Center or telling your TA (or an old TA) that you’re likely to let them have a draft on such-and-such a date. In the event that you make your Writing Center appointment for all days prior to the paper flow from, you might be motivated to possess a draft finished, in order to make the appointment worthwhile.

    Keeping your work (books, notes, articles, etc.) physically out, in full view, gives you a reminder which you have been in the midst of the paper, or you need to start. (more…)

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