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Why would a banker sell their $14m home to their wife for $100?

Dick Fuld took house so money that is much the years before their company spiralled into bankruptcy he could not even determine just how much. Nevertheless now, the former Lehman Brothers employer is counting every cent and, while he prepares for the onslaught of legal actions against him, he discovers himself during the centre of the monetary secret.

When you look at the days after Lehman collapsed around him, triggering the worst monetary panic because the Great Depression and causing him an individual $1bn (?718m) loss on their stake into the company, Mr Fuld transferred ownership of the $14m mansion in Florida to their spouse, Kathleen. She paid simply $100, the minimum permitted by Florida legislation. (more…)

Uncommon wedding traditions round the globe: ‘They cut the groom’s socks off’

‘The bride may be taken and held for ransom . the Irish bridesmaids kept a detailed view’

It’s the full time of the season whenever wedding festivities have been in full movement in Ireland, with many adhering to a familiar formula . But just what uncommon and astonishing traditions can you anticipate if you’re invited to a marriage offshore?

We asked Irish Times Abroad visitors to fairly share their experiences of weddings they’ve been to outside Ireland, and exactly how they match up against Irish traditions. Listed here are a variety:

Fionnuala Zinnecker, Germany: ‘The In October 2006 we married a Bavarian man. Once we had been residing in Germany, we thought we would marry here instead of in Ireland. Numerous traditions and norms around wedding right here arose which i discovered strange, confusing and wonderful. Being involved is not a thing that is big nor may be the wedding it self. The marriage and gemstone is the one plus the ditto. In certain areas there clearly was a brain of engagement celebration called a “polterabend”. Guests bring plates, cups as well as other ceramics, that your delighted few smash and also at the termination for the evening they need to clean up the mess from it altogether. A prior registry office wedding is required if marrying in a church. The few generally head into the church together. There aren’t any bridesmaids or groomsmen once we understand them in Ireland. During the reception there clearly was a big dessert buffet when you look at the afternoon. Later on within the the bride often gets “kidnapped” by members of the groom’s family and removed from the venue for several hours the groom has to search for her day. This all takes the type of a pub crawl for the guests.

Darragh Groeger, Denmark: ‘If the groom actually leaves the available space, most of the men fall into line to kiss her’

The Danes are great for marriage traditions. I brought a contingent that is whole of right right here – well before we ever designed to go right right here – therefore the site site visitors took the area traditions on board wholeheartedly. (more…)