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Listed below are all of the meanings that are possible translations associated with term intercourse

Princeton’s WordNet (3.31 / 10 votes) price this meaning:

sexual intercourse, intimate training, intercourse, intercourse task (noun)

tasks related to sexual activity

“that they had intercourse within the straight back chair”

either of this two categories (man or woman) into which many organisms are split

“the war amongst the sexes”

sex, intimate desire (noun)

most of the emotions caused by the desire to gratify impulses that are sexual

“he desired an improved sex-life”; “the movie included no intercourse or physical violence”

intercourse, sex, sex (verb)

the properties that distinguish organisms on such basis as their reproductive functions

“she did not need to know the intercourse for the foetus”

arouse, sex, excite, switch on, end up (verb)

“This film frequently arouses the male market”

inform the intercourse (of young birds)

Wiktionary (3.60 / 5 votes) price this meaning:

Either of two divisions that are main feminine or male) into which many organisms could be put, according to reproductive function or organs.

The identifying home, quality, or assemblage of properties through which organisms are categorized as feminine or male based on their organs that are reproductive functions; the group of properties in which male is distinguished from feminine.

Sexual activity; the work of sexual activity.

Genitalia; a penis or vagina.

To look for the biological intercourse of a animal.

It’s not an easy task to sex lizards.

To own intercourse with.

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