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The ladies from Seeker Lover Keeper talk kinship, songwriting and success

Seeker Lover Keeper’s sophomore record is really as spine-tinglingly euphonious as you’d anticipate, however for the ladies behind the songs, composing together for the very first time proved both a challenge and a joy.

There is a complete large amount of easy laughter among Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby. The 3 users of indie/folk band Seeker Lover Keeper have actually met to go over their album that is new and enjoy a link that operates deeper than musical simpatico.

“We’re all at an equivalent points inside our everyday lives, and so the record became one thing concerning the things we shared,” says Throsby of crazy Seeds, which comes eight years after their first self-titled first record hit number 3 regarding the Aria record album chart.

Seeker Lover Keeper formed back 2007 during a late-night pub session once the artists – all fans of each and every other’s music and effective and respected solamente performers inside their very very own right – forged an intuitive kinship. “It always needed to be a thing that is fun” Throsby surmises of the musical collaboration – more passion task than moneymaking enterprise.

As a result, there was clearly no force to produce a record that is second. “We thought we’d circumvent to it 1 day, nonetheless it wasn’t planned,” describes Blasko regarding the hiatus, during which much has happened in every their life. While Seltmann along with her family members settled in LA, where she collaborated along with other musicians, published for TV, circulated an record album and composed a novel, Blasko circulated three mail order bride documents, composed for movie, television and party, and had a son, and Throsby penned two publications, released three albums and had a child. (more…)