The anatomy and body structure of the whilst the incorrect device is available The person and carers will no longer enjoy pains and discomfort. as an example, the elbow and knee joints have confined movement; trying to amplify those joints past their range can cause painful damage to the joint. additionally want to take into account that aged humans are not as supple as more youthful human beings or even in the event that they do no longer go through movement restriction via a scientific condition. The Lifting Operations and Lifting equipment guidelines (LOLER) delivered the requirement for employers to provide lifting equipment this is safe to use and maintained and group of workers must also be supplied with education. The gadget if defective is eliminated from the instant area and an out of order signal positioned on it till it’s miles replaced to make others conscious that it is not working or secure to apply. Describe what sources of data are to be had approximately transferring and positioning people Describe what health and protection factors want to be taken into consideration while moving and positioning people and any gadget used to do this question- (5.3) whilst there is an emergency whilst the gadget is faulty once more a crime and might cause accidents while the individual’s care plan shows that carers have to assist with a particular manoeuvre and no-one is to be had while the carer isn’t certain how to finish the obligations or use the gadget when the character asks you to carry out the manoeuvre this is outside of the care plan and that could harm them or the carer as we aren’t allowed to head outdoor the care plan this may be unsafe for the carers and individual i have no longer obtained schooling for transferring and handling equipment.