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SwitchUp Fauve with Roberto Reif, Metis Sr. Facts Scientist on Seattle

Roberto is a man of science and trainer at Metis’s Seattle location. He has a strong background on data research and image/signal processing. Her professional profession has contained work inside applications to get healthcare, IoT, and online business intelligence advertising. His tests included electrical and biomedical engineering.

Operating at Metis combines lots of his pastimes, allowing Roberto to pitch, mentor learners as they create their data files science plans, work on private projects, and find out about the most innovative technologies on the field.

The preferred gear are Matlab, Python, along with Tableau. Read more about his voyage to Metis and find out which often companies use Metis teachers in our employment interview below:

Your Ph. D. open for Biomedical Executive. What ability from this background walls help you to guide future Data Scientists?
The main skill i gained through my Ph. D. would be to learn how to use scientific steps to solve conditions. We generally start with your hypothesis and tend to be constantly endeavoring to prove or perhaps disprove them while gaining new observations along the way. Files Science is a science, as well as same key facts used in researching (whether it is in Biomedical Engineering or other field) are applied here.

Exactly how did you wind up teaching with Metis? Main points your passage?
My profession has taken various twists as well as turns. (more…)