Power of Attorney

Power of attorney service can be availed by either of the following methods-

a. Signing the power of attorney documents in front of the Consular Officer of Bangladesh Embassy.

b. Signing the power of attorney documents in front of a solicitor/Barrister/Notary Public/Commissioner for Oath, and letter, attested by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

NB: In case of obtaining the power of attorney regarding land property in Bangladesh, the document signed by the Embassy must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dhaka before submission to the concerned Deputy Commissioner’s (DC) office.

Requirements for signing the document before the High Commission’s Consular Officer:

a. Applicant’s pyhsical presence at the Embassy is necessary;

b. Before coming to theEmbassy, the document must remain unsigned;

c. One (01) copy passport size photograph for executants and one (01) copy of passport size photo for attorney.

d. Original and / or Photocopy of proof of relationship between the applicant/executant(s) and the person to whom the power of attorney is given ( passport/Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate/etc.).

Requirements for signing the documents in front of solicitor and etc.:

a. One (1) photograph of each executant must be endorsed with the document by the solicitor/ Notary Public/ Commissioner for Oath;

b. After signing in front of solicitor, the document has to be taken to Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) legalization section for authentication of the solicitor;

c. Attorney’s photograph must be endorsed by the applicant (s) in front of the consular officer;

No specific form is available for power of attorney;

Delivery time : Same day

Fee (Non-refundable)